Foodaholic 4D Skinny Fit Essence Masks Review


These are very different kind of sheet masks that I have tried.  They are made of cloth with a soft quilted side.  They are stretchable sheet face masks with slits for ear hangers and extends under the chin for a lifting effect that also has ear hangers.  Usually, our chin are neglected and I liked that these masks extend all the way to the chin for hydration.  The slits or ear hangers feel a little awkward, and uncomfortable, because they do pull your ears down, but you get used to them, as the masks are stretchable.  These masks do have a subtle fragrance but for those who are sensitive to fragrances, they might find them a bit strong.  These have just enough essence for the masks with nothing extra like other sheet masks.  If you want a cool refreshing masks, these can be put in the refrigerator prior to using, or if you wanted them warm, the package can be submerged in warm water.

As with all sheet masks, prep the skin by washing the face clean, use a toner prior to sheet mask application.  Leave the mask on for the duration instructed.

Jewel Healing 24K Gold


This mask contains 10% gold extract, blueberry, orange, pumpkin fruit extract as some of the notable ingredients.

This mask is formulated with gold extract to transform dry, rough, and dull skin to revitalized, firm, elastic skin.  Great anti-wrinkle benefits approved by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration).

This had a cooling sensation while waiting for the essence to absorb into the skin.  This left my face brightened, but got a couple of acne breakouts afterward.

Tropical Healing Cactus

This mask is formulated with cactus extract to soothe stressed skin and gives the moisture and cooling effect for radiant skin.  Some notable ingredients are 30% Opuntia Ficus-indica extract, panthenol honey, and cudrania tricuspidata bark extract.

Felt a slight itching while wearing this mask, but my face did feel tightened, brighter after using.  The leftover essence after wearing the mask, I applied on my hands and it  left it moisturized/ hydrated even after hand washing.

Salmon Roe Essence Mask

This is a super food mask formulated with 33% salmon egg extract, good for anti-oxidant and hydration of the face.  Some notable ingredients are lavender extract, blueberry fruit extract, jasmine extract, orange, and pumpkin fruit extract.

This mask did make my chin itch slightly while wearing it, felt like I was getting a possible breakout 10 minutes after removing the sheet mask.  Left a cooling sensation while wearing it.  Afterward, my face appeared plumper, tightened, pores appeared smaller, and felt hydrated and lifted.

Protein Healing Horse Fat

This mask contains 5% horse fat, as well as fruit extracts from punica granatum, blueberry, orange, and pumpkin.  Obviously, this is not vegan as this actually has oil extracted from horse fat.

This mask is formulated for moisture, hydration, firmness, and to prevent skin dryness.

This definitely left my face hydrated and tightened.

I give these masks 4 🍒🍒🍒🍒 for the nifty ear hangers, soft quilted cloths, and effectiveness for what they are formulated for.  There was just some itching side effects, and breakouts that I experienced which are not ideal for my oily/combination skin type.

I received these masks free for review from Skin18, as part of their Skin18 challenge review blogger program.


DIY Spot Concealer Recipe

Today’s Beauty Tip Tuesday is a Do It Yourself  Spot Concealer Recipe.  When you run out of your concealer.  You can use this in a pinch.


DIY Spot Concealer Recipe:

Mix your moisturizer with 1-2 drops of liquid foundation.  This can work as a tinted moisturizer, good for blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

Here’s a BONUS: Spot Treatment Concealer

You can make it thicker by evaporating the water.  Place a teaspoon of foundation in small container, place in fridge uncovered.  Leave for 2-3 days.  This thicker formula increases pigment concentration, perfect for spot treatments on acne scars.

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Animal Cutie Mask Packs Review from Skin18

These animal cutie masks that I received from are indeed very cute.  I received the Whitening Aqua – Panda, Relaxing Charcoal & Aloe – Monkey, Anti-Wrinkle Collagen – Tiger, and Anti-Aging – Horse.  Besides the cuteness factor, I will be commenting on the fit as well as the effectiveness of the masks.  Overall, the fit of these masks are a bit small.  The eye holes are small, and it doesn’t reach to the hairline or edge of chin.  Because of the cute animal prints on the masks, this made the masks a little tough to smooth flatly on the face.  There is plenty of essence that these masks stay on the face with no problems and won’t slip off.  As with sheet masks.  Directions are to wash face cleanly, use toner before mask application, and leave mask on for the recommended time.

Whitening Aqua – Panda

Notable ingredients is hyaluronic acid to retain moisture for dry skin.  I did not detect a strong fragrance.  The mask provided a cool sensation.  Afterward, my face did feel hydrated, tightened, brightened but left my face feeling slightly tacky.

Relaxing Charcoal & Aloe – Monkey


Notable ingredients are Charcoal & Aloe for soothing and whitening.  No strong fragrance detected on this mask.  Cooling sensation while wearing the mask, and left my face feeling plump and hydrated.

Anti-Wrinkle Collagen – Tiger


PhotoGrid_1506656274186Notable ingredients are collagen extract to promote elasticity, as well as replenish moisture and refresh dry, sagging skin.  Also felt a cooling sensation while wearing the mask.  Face felt tightened and pores appeared smaller afterward.

Anti-Aging Horse Oil – Horse

Notable ingredients include horse oil to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity.  I did notice a subtle fragrance that dissipates quickly.  I did experience a cooling sensation while wearing the mask as well as a bit of itchiness around the chin area within 5 minutes of wearing, but it wasn’t too irritating that I had to remove it before the allotted time.  The mask left my skin tightened with a more luminous appearance.

These masks do come with a warning to avoid use if one has blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin, as these may get even more aggravated, due to itchiness, redness, or even cause the face to get swollen.  One time use of these masks would not be an accurate representation of the efficacy of the claims, and therefore, I cannot comment whether the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle claims have merit.  I can only comment that the ingredients in the masks may help with those claims.

I would like to thank Skin18USA for the opportunity to be a part of their Skin18Challenge Blogger’s program.  You can find them on Instagram here, and their website.  They should still be accepting applications for this bloggers program.

DIY Ring Light

My sister suggested I make a DIY ring light for my photos, and I did some research on various ways to make a DIY ring light and this is what I came up with.  I just took some basic ideas from others and came up with my own.  Which saves hundreds of dollars if you bought one.  Make sure you purchase Daylight and not warm light.  I liked the idea of using flexible LED Strip lights with 3M adhesives.  I did not need to use self locking cable ties or a wire wreath.  My total purchase spent on this project is under $25.  I used discounts from the Amazon seller when purchasing multiple items, saved on shipping, and using a 50% discount coupon for Michaels.


Daylight LED Strip Lights 16.4′

Power Adapter Supply for LED strip Output 12V DC, 3 A Max, 36 Watt Max

18″ Floral and Craft Ring 1/4″ thick high density MDF•

  • Can also be found at your local Michaels store, not available online


Wax Paper (Optional- if you want a diffused light)



  1. Wrap the 18″ Floral Craft Ring with foil. Shiny side out. You might even want to tape the back of the foil wrapped craft ring to secure the foil.  Try to make sure that the ends of the foil are on the back side, so that they don’t interfere with the adhesive side of the LED strip lights.

    Adhere the 3M self-adhesive sticky side of LED strip light onto foil
  2. Take the LED strip lights and adhere them onto the foil, in circular formation.  Starting on the outside ring, and follow along until you get to the inner circle, about 3 rows of lights.  Another feature I like about these LED Strip Lights is that I cut them according to the length I required without affecting the wiring.  Every third section, you can cut where it indicates and if needed it comes with an accessory to connect the strips together. PhotoGrid_1505948994451.png
  3. Connect the LED light strip to the adapter.
Finished project
Lighted Ring Light

Now, this is just a ring light that you can hang onto a wall or a tabletop by a wreath holder.  This is light enough that you can use a VELCRO® Brand Fastener or other type of hook or holder.  I’m sure you can be creative, depending on how you want to use your ring light.


Dry Brushing

Aviary Photo_131503095234606756

Happy #BeautyTipTuesday
Let’s discuss dry brushing. Using natural bristled brush before showering. Start at feet/hands, brush, rubbing dry skin in upward or circular motions toward the heart. Benefits are good exfoliation and increase circulation, which leads to temporary plumping effect and vibrant skin boost, while temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite is anecdotal (no conclusive scientific evidence), and there may not be any detoxing benefits that include stimulating the lymphatic system. It is worth trying right? Because, the skin may develop micro tears from the brushing, it is important to use natural bristled brushes, and not brush too hard.
Have you tried dry brushing?