Review on Artis dupe oval makeup brushes.

photogrid_1484003818894I received these oval makeup brushes at a discounted price for review.
Pros: they are the soft, fluffy bristles that feel like kittens caressing your face. The brush I used for liquid foundation provided a flawless appearance. These brushes are pretty good with powders & cream too. I really liked the tiniest long, thin brush, I used as liner with eye shadows. The smaller circle brushes I used for eye shadows worked great.
Cons: as you can see from the bottom photo, there are stray bristles or loose materials on the bigger oval brush. This didn’t affect the feel of the brush, but it does say something for the quality. Although, the handles were a beautiful rose-colored, the plastic handle felt flimsy, especially the larger ones when swiping, and sliding. Definitely, need to support it with index finger. They are not labeled, and there are no guidelines on the box, so we are left to figure out which brush should be used for what products.

Overall, I liked that I got to play with these. These have a learning curve as to how to properly use. Research on YouTube. These are one of the many Artis oval makeup brushes dupes. I would keep using some of the brushes from this 10-piece kit.

Here is the link on these particular oval makeup brushes


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