Foodaholic 4D Skinny Fit Essence Masks Review


These are very different kind of sheet masks that I have tried.  They are made of cloth with a soft quilted side.  They are stretchable sheet face masks with slits for ear hangers and extends under the chin for a lifting effect that also has ear hangers.  Usually, our chin are neglected and I liked that these masks extend all the way to the chin for hydration.  The slits or ear hangers feel a little awkward, and uncomfortable, because they do pull your ears down, but you get used to them, as the masks are stretchable.  These masks do have a subtle fragrance but for those who are sensitive to fragrances, they might find them a bit strong.  These have just enough essence for the masks with nothing extra like other sheet masks.  If you want a cool refreshing masks, these can be put in the refrigerator prior to using, or if you wanted them warm, the package can be submerged in warm water.

As with all sheet masks, prep the skin by washing the face clean, use a toner prior to sheet mask application.  Leave the mask on for the duration instructed.

Jewel Healing 24K Gold


This mask contains 10% gold extract, blueberry, orange, pumpkin fruit extract as some of the notable ingredients.

This mask is formulated with gold extract to transform dry, rough, and dull skin to revitalized, firm, elastic skin.  Great anti-wrinkle benefits approved by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration).

This had a cooling sensation while waiting for the essence to absorb into the skin.  This left my face brightened, but got a couple of acne breakouts afterward.

Tropical Healing Cactus

This mask is formulated with cactus extract to soothe stressed skin and gives the moisture and cooling effect for radiant skin.  Some notable ingredients are 30% Opuntia Ficus-indica extract, panthenol honey, and cudrania tricuspidata bark extract.

Felt a slight itching while wearing this mask, but my face did feel tightened, brighter after using.  The leftover essence after wearing the mask, I applied on my hands and it  left it moisturized/ hydrated even after hand washing.

Salmon Roe Essence Mask

This is a super food mask formulated with 33% salmon egg extract, good for anti-oxidant and hydration of the face.  Some notable ingredients are lavender extract, blueberry fruit extract, jasmine extract, orange, and pumpkin fruit extract.

This mask did make my chin itch slightly while wearing it, felt like I was getting a possible breakout 10 minutes after removing the sheet mask.  Left a cooling sensation while wearing it.  Afterward, my face appeared plumper, tightened, pores appeared smaller, and felt hydrated and lifted.

Protein Healing Horse Fat

This mask contains 5% horse fat, as well as fruit extracts from punica granatum, blueberry, orange, and pumpkin.  Obviously, this is not vegan as this actually has oil extracted from horse fat.

This mask is formulated for moisture, hydration, firmness, and to prevent skin dryness.

This definitely left my face hydrated and tightened.

I give these masks 4 🍒🍒🍒🍒 for the nifty ear hangers, soft quilted cloths, and effectiveness for what they are formulated for.  There was just some itching side effects, and breakouts that I experienced which are not ideal for my oily/combination skin type.

I received these masks free for review from Skin18, as part of their Skin18 challenge review blogger program.


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