Tips I learned on pulling off nude lips

I have always stayed away from nude lips because it made me washed out due to my paler complexion.  Well, here are some tips I learned to pull off nude lips without looking washed out.

Left – Benevolent Luminizer stick.  Right – Added Upscale Lipstick with Hottie lip plumper
  1. Separate the lips from the face by “anchoring” and creating a smokey eye or cat eye liner, bold eye brows, and/or contoured face.
  2. Apply foundation on lips and NOT concealer, because concealer coagulates with lip products.
  3. Another option other than using foundation on lips is to apply something gold on lips (like a highlighter or luminizer) to knock out our natural color tinge on our lips.  Then apply your nude lip color on top.
  4. Add a lip balm over matte lips, so it doesn’t dry out lips.
  5. Use lip liner all over lips instead of lipstick.
  6. Optional – Apply gloss all over lips.  On the pic I used Younique’s Hottie Lip Plumper.

If you’re interested in purchasing Younique, please click on the link here.

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