VIOlife Slim Sonic Stylish Toothbrush Review


I was fortunate enough to be contacted by VIOlife to receive as a gift their Slim Sonic Stylish Toothbrush to review.

This VIOlife Slim Sonic Stylish toothbrush is definitely stylish, slim, and portable.  They have various beautiful colorful design patterns, and colors that are perfect for everybody.  It is great for traveling, easily fits in your purse, gym bag, even in a drawer at work or home.

It comes with 1 Slim Sonic Toothbrush and case, 1 additional brush head and 1 AAA battery.

Easy turn on and off button resulting in 22,000 powerful sonic brush strokes per minute, teeth are sure to get cleaned when brushing as recommended for at least 30 seconds for each quadrant.  I have tried other sonic electric toothbrushes before, and this one is not as loud as others, which is a great plus!

Replacement of brush head and/or battery is simple and easy.  Just twist and pull counter-clockwise of the base section to replace the battery.  Removing and replacing the toothbrush head is easy by holding the base section with one hand and the base of the brush section with the other hand, turn the brush section counter-clockwise until it disengages and pull.

For portability, ease of use, color, and the sound/noise vibration not being as loud as others.  I give this product .

I would like to thank VIOlife for the opportunity to collaborate with them.  Please check them out for their various patterns of Sonic Slim toothbrushes, replacement brush heads, and UV sanitizers.



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