DIY Spot Concealer Recipe

Today's Beauty Tip Tuesday is a Do It Yourself  Spot Concealer Recipe.  When you run out of your concealer.  You can use this in a pinch. DIY Spot Concealer Recipe: Mix your moisturizer with 1-2 drops of liquid foundation.  This can work as a tinted moisturizer, good for blemishes, and uneven skin tone. Here's a … Continue reading DIY Spot Concealer Recipe


Animal Cutie Mask Packs Review from Skin18

These animal cutie masks that I received from are indeed very cute.  I received the Whitening Aqua - Panda, Relaxing Charcoal & Aloe - Monkey, Anti-Wrinkle Collagen - Tiger, and Anti-Aging - Horse.  Besides the cuteness factor, I will be commenting on the fit as well as the effectiveness of the masks.  Overall, the … Continue reading Animal Cutie Mask Packs Review from Skin18

Dry Brushing

Happy #BeautyTipTuesday Let's discuss dry brushing. Using natural bristled brush before showering. Start at feet/hands, brush, rubbing dry skin in upward or circular motions toward the heart. Benefits are good exfoliation and increase circulation, which leads to temporary plumping effect and vibrant skin boost, while temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite is anecdotal (no … Continue reading Dry Brushing