Review of Ammiy Makeup Brushes with wood handle, white case 12 pcs.

Other Brushes: Fan shaped, Spoolie, liners, sponge eye shadow
Another view of Glue on handle
Excess glue on Brush handle
Crooked Brush handle
Eye shadow and liner brushes
Protective Sleeve for bigger brushes
Soft, Fluffy Bristles
Full set of Makeup Brushes
Beautiful off white soft roll up leather case

I received these brushes at a discounted price for review.  Click the link here for the brushes

Pros: This has a beautiful off-white soft roll up leather case. The bigger brushes have their own nice sleeves to protect the brushes.  These are soft and fluffy synthetic, pony hair bristles.  The big fluffy brush is better for powders.  I liked the flat brush for concealer blending, though I had to use more concealer than usual to get the coverage as the concealer got into the brush more than on the skin. The angled contour brush is nicely angled, great for contouring. I liked the fan shaped brush for highlighting. This brush set comes with other brushes not normally found in the brush sets like the spoolie brush for eyebrows or to brush eyelashes, and the finer brush for liquid liners, and the sponge eye shadow brush, great for adding the darker eye shadow on the crease.  The silver colored wood handles are good and sturdy and love the color combination of silver and gold aluminum ferrule.

Cons:  The brushes and case emits a very strong chemical smell.  Definitely had to wash them before using.  The blusher/powder brushes while soft and fluffy are not as dense.  They are good for powders, blushes and bronzers, but not really good for liquid foundation.  It took a lot of work to blend liquid foundation.  The eye shadow brushes sheds a lot.  Way too much for blending, which I was disappointed in because it was really good for blending.  The brush handle for the sponge eye shadow brush is slightly crooked.  There was also excess glue on the handle of one of the brushes.

Based on the quality of the brushes and some of the defects on the handles, overall, I’m rating this brush set 3 out of 5 stars.


Review of Ammiy 10 pcs. Professional Premium Kabuki Brush Set Foundation Blending Brush Eyeshadow Face Powder Brush Makeup Brush Kit Pink Golden Kit

Beautiful Black vinyl case and brushes


Bigger Brushes for Foundation and Powders
Top view of Foundation Brush
Eye Shadow Brushes
Close up of Foundation Brush with loose bristles
Edge of Foundation brush with dried up glue

I received these brushes at a discounted price for review.

Pros:  These brushes comes in a handy black vinyl case, perfect for traveling or makeup artist on the go.  The bristles are super soft, dense, fluffy and nice to the touch. Fair brush quality.  Blending concealers was fair.  The eye shadow brushes were pretty good to use to apply and blending.  Foundation brushes and bigger brushes are better for powders, blushes, and bronzers.

Cons:  There is a strong chemical/leather scent coming off the case and the brushes.  Definitely, had to wash the brushes before using. Brushes have loose bristles and one of the bigger foundation brushes had dried up glue on the side near the handle.  These brushes were not as good in blending liquid foundation, possibly perfect for mineral powders.   After washing and a few times of use, the bristles are not maintaining their shape, and are straying.

I would rate these brushes 2.5 out of 5 stars.

You can find the brushes here